TOPIC : The Use of Crafts Arts to Teach Young Learners English


 Crafts Arts

Young Learner







Music, games and movement activities play an integral part in the young learner curriculum, and children require a variety of activities in order to acquire a second or foreign language in the classroom. Students come to the classrooms with different sets of skills, determined by their upbringing and innate abilities, which naturally has a profound effect on their learning styles. As the future teachers we choose methods that we hope will reach the majority of our students. There are children who learn best through songs or music, and there are also those who learn best through a game or movement activity.

Beside using music, games, or movements activities, this paper will introduce another valuable tool to teach young learners English that is using crafts arts. Using crafts in the classroom can be an excellent way to facilitate language learning with young learners. Alan Maley stated that, Arts and crafts involve children simultaneously in activities promoting their personal development and in helping them to learn the language. While making things, children also make meaning. As they explore shapes, colours, textures, constructions, they are extending their experience and understanding of the world – and doing it through the medium of the foreign language.” Crafts are an inspirational resource for creativity in the classroom. For students especially children, crafting is a means for expressing creativity, experiencing essential productivity, and particularly for focusing in therapeutic involvment.

By making crafts, children can build their imagination. This is very important for the children’s development. Apart from having endless fun, they can express themselves creatively and achieve the sense of accomplishment. There are many types of easy kids crafts that children can enjoy. Crafts that involve drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, and even stamping can excite children.

What is Craft Arts?

Crafts is activities which include drawing, painting, gluing, cutting and folding.

Why Should Crafts Arts?

–          Provides the children with an additional opportunity to learn social skills and the required language to facilitate socially acceptable behavior in a group setting.

–          Developes children’s motor skills.

–          Provides invaluable opportunity to stimulate their creativity.


Who are  Young Learners?

Young learners is a catch-all term for students who are not yet adults. The term swept into fashion at the beginning of the nineties reflecting the trend to lower the starting age and broaden the access to English language learning to younger people in many countries all over the world. http://carolread.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/y-is-for-young-learners/

Research Questions:

  1. Why should using Crafts Arts in TEYL?
  2. What are te benefits of using Crafts Arts in TEYL?

Research Purposes:

  1. To explore about why Crafts Arts should be applied in TEYL.
  2. To examine about how Crafts Arts can be beneficial in TEYL.

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